Yeso Therapy Wraps (Wholesale)

Yeso Therapy Wraps (Wholesale)

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What is Yeso therapy?

Yeso therapy is a body sculpting wrap that helps reduce fatty deposits along the treated area. This is one of the few treatments that has been shown to reduce visceral fat deposits. 

This service is a great and profitable add-on to your body sculpting business. 

The Yeso body wraps can be priced from $60-$120 per wrap based on location.



    Yeso Wraps 

    Our aesthetic body wraps allow for the following:

    -Inches Loss

    -Body Contouring

    -Skin Tightening

    - Debloating- Reduce Water Retention


    -Fight Cellulite


     *Made and imported from Mexico 

    Your Yeso Kit will be shipped to the address given at checkout. Typical processing time:

    5 days to process your order + shipping time selected.

    All sales are final.